Meet Our Queens Gorgeous Bengal Leopards

Queen Alexandra

Queen Alexandra “Lexi” Snow Leopard (F5) was the largest of her litter, so she will produce large kittens. She will be bred to King Leopold, who was also the largest in his litter, so they will definitely make beautiful large babies!

She carries for snow and brown and black. We are very excited to see what kind of babies she will have.

Queen Midnight

Queen Midnight is a Charcoal Bengal (F4), she's my little fireball. She also carries an extra wild gene. She is a descendent from Spain and absolutely gorgeous. She will definitely produce gorgeous babies.

She has been tested and carries for charcoal and charcoal brown babies. Very excited for this spring!

Queen Indie

Queen Indie is a beautiful brown and black rosette female (F5). She does carry rosette and abstract marble, but her babies are gorgeous and have always sold well.

I am retiring Queen Indie the end of this year, she is getting fixed and will go up on the Adult page. If anyone is interested, please let me know.