Bengal Leopards SC

Upcoming Litter!! From Queen Midnight and King Leopold, due Dec 18. Keep an eye out for updates. Furever Homes

Raised With Love

We are a small family-owned cattery that has beautiful Bengals for sale. We love all of our furry children like they were our own kids. Our Bengals are raised around our dogs and other Bengals, so they are very well socialized. We never cage our Bengal adults or our Bengal kittens! They are trained and socialized from an early age to interact together and with people.

We deliver every Bengal kitten, and we bottle-feed and burp our babies every two hours around the clock until they are four to six weeks old. This helps the kittens see the human as a mother figure, not just the Bengal.

The Bengal mother also nurses her babies from birth. Our Bengal Leopard mothers and fathers both take part in raising their young. As the Bengal kittens get older, they interact with other Bengals in our home.

We work together as a family unit to create a stimulating, loving environment for all our Bengal children. When you select one of our Bengal kittens, you get the best we can offer.

Queen Alexandria

Queen Alexandria (Lexi) is a gorgeous F5 Lynx Point Snow Leopard. She was the largest of her litter and I'm looking forward to seeing how big her babies will be!! 

King Leopold

King Leopold is my first F4 Seal Point Snow Leopard, and he is large!
He has been a hands-on dad, training and disciplining his children when needed.