Providing Refuge for Adult and Retired Bengal Leopards

We occasionally have adults that are retired or adults that are returned to us for some reason, and we need to find them homes. They will be tested in my home with my Bengals, dogs, and grandchildren, then I will put them here. So please often check if you are looking for an adult and not a baby!



Thor is the absolute sweetest and most lovable boy. He craves attention and when I'm sitting at my desk, he reaches for me to give him attention. I do feel like he would do better with a woman, as he has been with me all of his life. He has been around children, and my older son, so he's ok with men, I just think he would prefer a woman. He sleeps with me at night and with my other Bengals and my dogs. So, I think he would do fine if you had other animals. But he does stalk my chameleon, he is a partial wild cat after all. So out in the wild, he would be hunting lizards. 

He is fixed and has his rabies shots. He will go home with food, some toys and his food bowls. He'll have a notebook also that has lots of good information and his medical records. Please contact me if you are interested. He is a BIG boy too!!